Having over 20 years professional art experience with over 15 of those years in education I continue to share my knowledge through guest speaking. Whether K-12, college, corporate, or conventions I guess speak on these topics:

• Comics & Cartoon Art

• Visual Storytelling

• Character Design

• Concept Art
• Social Media & more


In 2019 the Westchester Board of Legislators honored by naming October 5, 2019 Michael Grassia DAY in Westchester County, New York for my devotion to the arts and art education.



All Workshops are for tweens, teens, adults, and families. They are adjust per age range.

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All workshops are 1 - 1.5 hours and includes a PowerPoint presentation and handouts. All supplies provided.

For more information please contact me here.

I am always updating my my workshops so please check back regularly. If you don't see a creative workshop that your are interested, please let me know. With almost 20 years working in education I can work with you to develop a workshop suited to your specific needs. Most workshops can be tailored to meet your needs.

Fantasy Storytelling

Emerge yourself in the world of fantasy and create the beginning of your own fantasy story and illustrate a scene from it.

Draw Fantasy Characters

Do you love fantasy books and movies like Lord of the Rings? Do you play Dungeons & Dragons? Have you ever wanted to draw the characters you love? Learn the techniques character designers use to create characters for fantasy stories.

Draw Myths, Fables, Folklore, & Legends

Myths, fables, folklore, & legends are an important part of all cultures. They not only teach us lessons but gives us fantastical larger than life characters that sparks our imagination. In this workshop you will learn to draw some of these amazing characters. 

Draw Mythological Creatures

Unicorns, centaurs, griffins, minotaurs, dragons, and harpies just to name a few creatures that ignite our imaginations with stories of heroes and performing great deeds. Have fun drawing some mythological characters and maybe even get a chance to create one fo your own.

Draw Magic

Fantasy stories are filled with magic. Whether it's a magic wand. sword, potion, etc, magic is a integral part of fantasy. In this workshop you will explore magical items and the characters that use them.

Basic Cartooning

Basic Cartooning teaches the attendees how to draw cartoon characters and basic scenes. Topics covered will be drawing with shapes, the male and female anatomy, cartoon animals, and placing characters in simple scenes.

Creating Comics

Creating Comics includes a PowerPoint presentation which breaks down the process of making a comic. Basic storytelling skills (both in story and humor strips) are discussed. Guests will leave with handouts including notes based on the PowerPoint presentation and templates for making your own comics.

This workshop is mostly informational but can include the attendees to make their own comic.


Storytelling takes you through the process of creating a story which is meant to be viewed visually. The Hero's Journey will be discussed.

Creating an Animated Short

Creating an Animated Short discusses everything you need to know about creating an animated short. Topics such as coming up with the idea, scripting, character design, visual development, storyboarding, and animatics will be discussed. I also discuss software for both computers and mobile devices that will aid you in your development.

Exploring the Creative Mind

Exploring the Creative Mind helps adults get in touch with their inner child and unlock their creative minds.

Character Design

Character Design talks about what goes into creating interesting characters. Whether you are creating a character for a comic, animation, or a game, participates will have the ability to develop their own character for the genre of their choosing.

Concept Art

Concept Art will demonstrate how to build worlds for different genres. Topics include basic perspective, light and shadow, setting mood, drawing from reference, and material techniques.

Game Development

Game Development introduces the basic methods for creating tabletop games. Game mechanics and how to develop a prototype game will be discussed.


Puppetry takes you through some of the basic skills on how to build puppets using items from around your house. Performance will also be discussed.


Filmmaking introduces basic video techniques with for both filming and editing on your mobile device. Basic script and storyboard techniques will be discussed.

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